Public Health

We treat Public Health concerns very seriously. Many body piercing shops would have you believe that they are safe. Indeed, if you ask them, they will probably tell you that they are 'pretty safe', or 'safe enough'... At BlackStar you will receive informed answers to your questions! We exceed the requirements of our Standard Protocol for Body Piercing Studios, originally written by BlackStar for the Regional Health Department of the Municipality of Ottawa-Carleton. What follows is an overview of the measures taken at BlackStar to implement Universal Precautions and to provide the safest possible environment for your piercing.

At BlackStar, we have established several procedures to achieve a Clean Field working environment. It should be noted that these procedures do not of themselves ensure the safety of the client. The body piercer must constantly keep track of two things: 'What have I touched?' and 'What has touched what I've touched?'. The procedures are tools; the client is protected only by the proper use of those tools.

The goal of Clean Field procedures is to break the Chain of Contamination. The methods are an attempt to isolate, contain and to dispose of any possible blood-borne pathogens from the client so that they do not remain available to infect the next or subsequent clients. The success of this effort depends on the diligence of the body piercer. Payment of lip-service to the guidelines is not adequate.

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